earthmine Services

MARS technology brought to earth!

Earthmine offers a complete end-to-end solution for collecting 3D street level imagery, developing applications, and delivering visually impressive and spatially accurate results for any application.

To learn more about earthmine services, contact Eric LaBrie at (253) 838-6113.

Services Include:

  • Earthmine Applications
  • Asset Identification & Management
  • GIS Database Population & Verification
  • Desktop Navigation
  • Area & Distance Measurements

Click on the DOT Transportation Asset Data Collection Pilot Project Report to view a summary of their findings.

Mapping & GIS?

Mapping results like you've never seen before. When we combine the power of earthmine technology with GIS we can achieve some pretty incredible results. Using earthmine's ArcGIS plug-in, users are able to map street-level data with significant gains in worker safety and efficiency.

Instructional Videos

Earthmine INTRO

ArcGIS Product Video