Scanning & modeling

Leading the way in Scanning Technology

ESM was one of the first firms in the Pacific Northwest to adopt this technology and we continue to lead the way by providing our clients with data and deliverables they can use.

To find out more about our Laser Scanning services please contact Zack Lennon at (253) 838-6113.

laser Scanning

This technology captures millions of survey grade points in hard to reach or inaccessible locations in no time at all. The high density point cloud and high resolution photographs are then used to create detailed 2D drawings or 3D models. This translates into a complete deliverable, accurate and timely designs and an overall greater value for our clients.

Cost benefit savings

  • Utilized without re-surveying
  • Inaccessible sites & structures
  • High quality field data
  • Reduced field time
  • Survey busy roads without closures
  • Greater safety for field personnel
  • Area & distance measurements

Laser Scanning applications Include:

  • Architectural/Construction
  • Plants/Facilities
  • Surveying/Engineering
  • Historic Preservation
  • Maritime
  • 360 Photogrammetry
  • View Shed Analysis
  • Project Visualization

laser Scanning examples